CB Radios And Emergency Communication

CB Radio Mic ~ Image: M Burgess

CB Radios and Emergency Communication devices are very helpful pieces of equipment!


They can assist in providing local contact or updates to disaster situations from your vehicle or home base set up.


CB’s can be used to contact your neighbors or friends on the airwaves and aid to your rescue or enable you to transmit information.


Having a Citizen’s Band (CB) is a really great way to stay connected in emergencies. With storm and wind related disasters, cell towers may be disturbed interfering with your ability to make calls.


With a CB radio in your vehicle or in your home can keep you up to date from information in real time and broadcast information if needs be. Use them to alert others of dangerous areas or send out pleas for help. Helpful news channels such as NOAA‘s weather updates may be found on them as well as local chatter. It might be a great idea to put one of these handy tools on your preparedness to do list.


A CB is a simple device. It will need an antennae to work properly. There are more advanced radios called Ham Radios but they require a licence in order to use and broadcast with them.

A CB is an easy install in a vehicle.  They only require a couple of tools. A screw driver and a pair of pliers is usually all you need.  (Don’t forget an antennae!)


Using a CB Radio:

Once you have the CB installed and working properly, you will need to understand a specific language in order to use it efficiently. There is a separate language on the Citizen’s Band Radio but they are easy to learn.

To use a CB properly Key up the mic wait abut 2 seconds and speak.  We have all heard the lines from “Smokey and the Bandit” starring Burt Reynold’s and a cast of famous dozen’s. “Breaker 1-9 this is Rubber Duck!!!” and something or other about a convoy. These numbers are simple codes in radio language. CB has a tendency to broadcast at times in static and the airwaves can be disrupted causing what was said to become jumbled or distorted. The codes used in CB language comes through clearer than a simple sentence and they are widely understood for the phrase they represent.

Burt Reynolds from Smokey and the Bandit using a CB radio.

Handy List of Radio 10 Codes may be found at:

“The” Truckers Place.com

[Radio 10 Codes List]

There are other handy communication devices as well. One of them is a simple metal whistle. Don’t forget one of these babies in your 72 hour kit!

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Burt Reynolds Using a CB Radio ~ Image: Allposters (affiliate permissions)

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