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Freezing Fruit For Storage

watermelon fruit ice

Watermelon puree in plastic containers can keep in freezer for several months. Use it for drink mixes or slushies, or eat it like a popsicle.

Fruit can be frozen and kept for later.

This is a fun part of food storage and it can keep for a while as long as the electricity stays on. If the power goes out you may have a pile of fruit and fruit mash on your hands, but there are a few ways you can use it up if that happens so be prepared with the recipes, too! This is a great way to guarantee Vitamin C in your storage.

Fruit is often overlooked in the beginning of food storage planning. As your interests broaden you can try canning and preserving fruit as jams, jellies, and in halves sealed in bottles.

This past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with freezer preps.

For frozen watermelon ice I cut sweet melon into chunks and then puree it in a blender. You can use this for just about any fruit. If you are going to use it soon you won’t have to add anything to it. I did this with cantaloupe, too, but you have to cut it in very small pieces for the blender to process it. A food processor would be great for this!

directions for freezing watermelon.

Tips on freezing watermelon.

Watermelon Ice:

2 C watermelon

2/3 C water

Puree in blender. Pour into cups for freezing. When frozen remove and wrap in wax paper or set in sandwich sized baggies. Place several in a gallon sized freezer bag and store for about 3 to 6 months.




Drink mix ice (drop in fruit punch or koolaid for added fruity flavor!)

Fruit water – drop 2 of these into a 2 Quart container and top with water.

You can use this method to prepare other fruits such as berries for freezing.


fruit (Photo credit: karen H. nickname.{ pooh})

Strawberries are another great freezer item. Our small family doesn’t use up a whole pint so they get topped and tossed frozen, too. I bought blueberries and black berries last week and then combined them with the strawberries.

Triple Berry Mash:

1 C Strawberries

1 C Blueberries

1/2 C Blackberries

2 T Lemon Juice

2 T fruit preserver

Puree in blender.

This can be melted back down for jam or even more yummy, use as a pancake topper! Love triple berry stuff! I could use it in pie filling and all kinds of goodies. When cooking with it you will have to use sugar. It is a bit tart!

To do a syrup you will need equal parts sugar to fruit mash and water or add to a simple syrup.

Simple Syrup:
1C water

1 C sugar.

Heat until sugar is melted then bring to a slow rolling boil. Remove and let cool.

For pancake berry syrup. Combine the berry mash (defrosted) and the simple syrup.

frozen fruit stored in bags and containers

Freezing fruit is an easy method for food storage.

I already could be accused of hoarding bananas.

I dunno. They start getting spots and I toss ’em in the freezer. Later I peel them and stuff 3 at a time in freezer bags.

Great in banana bread or smoothies, shakes.

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