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Freezing Fruit For Storage

watermelon fruit ice

Watermelon puree in plastic containers can keep in freezer for several months. Use it for drink mixes or slushies, or eat it like a popsicle.

Fruit can be frozen and kept for later.

This is a fun part of food storage and it can keep for a while as long as the electricity stays on. If the power goes out you may have a pile of fruit and fruit mash on your hands, but there are a few ways you can use it up if that happens so be prepared with the recipes, too! This is a great way to guarantee Vitamin C in your storage.

Fruit is often overlooked in the beginning of food storage planning. As your interests broaden you can try canning and preserving fruit as jams, jellies, and in halves sealed in bottles.

This past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with freezer preps.

For frozen watermelon ice I cut sweet melon into chunks and then puree it in a blender. You can use this for just about any fruit. If you are going to use it soon you won’t have to add anything to it. I did this with cantaloupe, too, but you have to cut it in very small pieces for the blender to process it. A food processor would be great for this!

directions for freezing watermelon.

Tips on freezing watermelon.

Watermelon Ice:

2 C watermelon

2/3 C water

Puree in blender. Pour into cups for freezing. When frozen remove and wrap in wax paper or set in sandwich sized baggies. Place several in a gallon sized freezer bag and store for about 3 to 6 months.




Drink mix ice (drop in fruit punch or koolaid for added fruity flavor!)

Fruit water – drop 2 of these into a 2 Quart container and top with water.

You can use this method to prepare other fruits such as berries for freezing.


fruit (Photo credit: karen H. nickname.{ pooh})

Strawberries are another great freezer item. Our small family doesn’t use up a whole pint so they get topped and tossed frozen, too. I bought blueberries and black berries last week and then combined them with the strawberries.

Triple Berry Mash:

1 C Strawberries

1 C Blueberries

1/2 C Blackberries

2 T Lemon Juice

2 T fruit preserver

Puree in blender.

This can be melted back down for jam or even more yummy, use as a pancake topper! Love triple berry stuff! I could use it in pie filling and all kinds of goodies. When cooking with it you will have to use sugar. It is a bit tart!

To do a syrup you will need equal parts sugar to fruit mash and water or add to a simple syrup.

Simple Syrup:
1C water

1 C sugar.

Heat until sugar is melted then bring to a slow rolling boil. Remove and let cool.

For pancake berry syrup. Combine the berry mash (defrosted) and the simple syrup.

frozen fruit stored in bags and containers

Freezing fruit is an easy method for food storage.

I already could be accused of hoarding bananas.

I dunno. They start getting spots and I toss ’em in the freezer. Later I peel them and stuff 3 at a time in freezer bags.

Great in banana bread or smoothies, shakes.

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Preparedness IS – Readiness IS

English: Food storage area of the San Diego Fo...

English: Food storage area of the San Diego Fort in Acapulco, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Preparedness is a list of foods and  goods gathered for emergencies!


Readiness is understanding how to use said goods and the knowledge of how to adapt in the middle of said crisis.


Like the cartoons I used to read that said “Happiness is…”

I wanted to share a few of the things that mean to me

Preparedness and Readiness

Preparedness is… Food Storage, 72 hour kits, and Water

Readiness is… having  food, water, and shelter no matter what

Preparedness is… A couple of pair of warm, clean socks!

Readiness is… A fire drill plan and practice

Preparedness is… A 72 hour kit (again YES! Do You Have Yours Yet?)

Readiness is… Knowing when to evacuate safely

Preparedness is… The food storage list being checked off

Readiness is… Baking your own bread ANYWHERE!

Preparedness is… Making sure you have some emergency supplies and tools in your car!

Readiness is…–> Survival Skills: Hunting, fishing, foraging, building shelters (everything they taught you in scouting!)

Preparedness is… A Full tank of gas when fueling stations are either dry or lined up for miles!!!

Amusing Video On Disaster Preparedness:

I am sure there are a lot more things we could add to this list!

What is on your list for Preparedness and Readiness?

Are you worth your salt and electrolytes?

Among our staples for food storage

English: A pile of Iodised salt.

English: A pile of Iodised salt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

should be salt. Lots of it.


The phrase “Are you worth your salt” was an insult in ancient times if the answer came as “no”. Meaning that if a particular person thought you were  unworthy they might steal your salt rations!


Along with our salt we should stock those awesome sports powders that replenish our electrolytes for times when we are exerting a lot of energy and efforts.


Salt is important in many ways. In ancient times if you did not have salt you had no meat. Curing meats meant you had necessary proteins. Proteins are extremely important to supplying necessary building blocks back to the body’s muscle structure.


The following video shows a basic set up for preserving pork using salt and smoke. This process can be used for beef and venison as well as fish. (Warning this video is a little graphic but not too gross! )



It is extremely important that salt we will be consuming be iodized. Iodized salt is used to help reduce the incidence of iodine deficiency in humans.  Keep salt in storage in a dry cool place and you won’t have to worry about it going bad. If it gets damp however it will be ruined.

Electrolytes are in essence salts. We need them to stay healthy and hydrated.


In oral rehydration therapy, electrolyte drinks containing sodium and potassium salts replenish the body’s water and electrolyte levels after dehydration caused by exercise and [other dehydrating conditions.]

Pedia-care for younger children and adult sports drinks are a great addition to food storage and can definitely be better for us than other less healthy drinks. They can help us replenish needed minerals and just be a great beverage. They are also a good addition to a 72 hour kit. Place a few portions of powdered sports drink in small sealed canisters to add to water bottles.


Are you worth your salt?

Spam Talk On Survival Recovery

Spam or spam – Observations on Survival Recovery


Spam (Photo credit: kellinahandbasket)

Spam the meat product by Hormel is a staple item in a long term food storage plan.

Talking about Spam on Survival Recovery seemed appropriate today because of it’s unique status. It’s content is a wonderful contribution to emergency preparedness as part of the protein food group.

It is a meat product that can keep for years if stored in cool temperatures. Using it is easy. Simply remove the can opener key and insert into the can tab on the side. Turn the key until the tab strip has completely opened this little rectangular can and you slide the contents out. (Older cans had this feature)

Dice it up into small squares for adding to dishes or fry with scrambled eggs or seasoned rice. It can make a good sliced meat addition to a survival meal. Just warm it up in a frying pan. It can also be eaten right out of the can. Many islander residents use it in traditional ethnic recipes. It is a necessary source of protein in their culture because of the lack of grazing area for cattle and other meat source animals. That and it’s a really handy item to have in the pantry.

English: Two small cans of Spam. One is closed...

English: Two small cans of Spam. One is closed and the other open and sliced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My addition of Spam is also relevant to some of the commentary we are receiving here on Survival Recovery. Post a link that is NOT a related subject and you will not be approved. Where the wonderful food product Spam, gets stored, saved, and eaten your spam gleeful gets tossed in the trash bin!

Interaction brings good results and a posting on our comments board. Quality links will be posted!

To be approved:

  • First – good grammar.
  • Second – GOOD CONTENT!
  • Third: Quality Site Links

Sharing information is important in preparedness and there are many, many great sources to be had.

Like the canned meat Spam, your spam may sit on the shelf collecting dust never to see the light of day. If it is beyond the use by date it will go into the trash.

Just a thought… 😉

Food Storage A Biblical Reference

One of the earliest references to Food Storage was in the book Of Genesis.


English: Joseph and His Brethren Welcomed by P...

The story of Joseph interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream of cows and corn leads to the establishment of a grain storage system in Egypt.

By following suggestions from Joseph to their leader the people in Egypt are able to weather a 7 year drought and famine.


This reference may be found in The Bible’s Old Testament in the book of Genesis 41:15


In the story people endure through wise planning. The events of this tale are not new. They are part of the times we live in as well. We see drought, famine, hunger, and the like daily. Through properly supplying necessary grains the impact of this calamity is softened on these citizens and hunger is eased through this planning. They are also at a position to charge a high price for it!


Dramatized for your amusement!



This is one of the earliest examples of food storage. It runs along the lines of “God Helps Those That Help Themselves!” another piece of wise information. But did you know that this phrase is actually a quote by Ben Franklin? In my studies I have often thought of this phrase and naturally thought it was a Bible reference. I was very surprised when I searched in scripture references for it! I then turned to Wikipedia to look up where it came from. The details are not important but the effect of the statement are.


If we are to truly help ourselves in planning for emergency and good food storage I have no doubt our God will help us make it through whatever crisis we may face. This is not meant as a preaching post but a simple reminder that accepting good advice is a great excersize in helping our lives be easier and better off in the long haul than ignoring suggestions and paying dearly for not heeding helpful, kind words.

Just a thought! =)

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