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Storm Encyclopedia – Weather Terms – The Weather Channel


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With the weather being all out of whack in winter and the various extremes many of us have to face in order to get through it would help to know what climate changes we are facing.

There are certain terms that we must understand in order to NOT be caught off guard by changing weather patterns.

Knowing these terms ahead of time and plan accordingly is always good emergency management. Planning ahead turns a disaster into a plan of action.

Having an emergency radio on hand for events the power has gone out is good practice. Keep it where you can find it easily. You never know when it is going to come in handy. Make sure you replace the batteries in it from time to time so that you don’t have to fumble around when you need that radio the most!

Some of the terms we may hear on the emergency weather broadcasts may be found in the The Weather Channel’s Encyclopedia of Weather Terms. It is a great read. – Storm Encyclopedia – Weather Terms – The Weather Channel.

Awareness is your most important survival skill!

Being able to access a situation no matter what is going on and be alert to possible dangers is in my opinion it the most important skill you can use for survival. Sensing potential threats or trouble is possible with a few well practiced exercises. Really start paying attention to what is around you and think about the what if’s related to your activity. I have done this for years because of situations that have occurred in my life. Surviving the streets and a couple of assaults taught me a lot about this. Having small children in the home does, too. If that kid is quiet something is up! A mother’s intuition is always on full alert.

In this video is some very good, practical advice for mind prep and being aware of what could happen if you are not paying attention. It is not just about firearms it’s about your personal space as well.

COMBAT TRIAD : Self Defense Firearm Fundamentals

Get thinking about where your awareness potential may have a weak spot. We have to face facts that our world is not Mayberry. Our lives and our family’s safety may just depend on this kind of information!

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