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Homemade BioSand Water Filter

Easy, Preparedness Project:

BioSand Water Filter

A homemade water filter, like a BioSand filter (or BFS for short) can be made with inexpensive materials and put to work in about an hour or so. Although it works slowly, filtering dirty water into clean drinkable water in droplets setting it up can be done with very few tools and it can be operational right away.

With so many ideas floating around about preparedness, water filtration and clean h20 swims to the top of the list.

Water is even more important to our bodies than food can be. Commercial water filters can be pricey and the search for the right one is always a little bit time consuming.

Making a homemade BFS can be a great preparedness project.

This filter can be made in any size you want and it is a great way to have clean H20.

The concept of a BioSand water filter was presented in the late 1980s by Dr. David Manz. It is a system that uses gravity, sand, and time to extract debris and harmful substances out of water and make water ready to drink. It is a great addition to any survival plan. The method is simple and the equipment is easy to obtain in any hardware store or scavenged if needs be. The only tools you need are a cutting blade for creating a hole in the bottom of the chosen container and a bit of effort. Clean water will be filtering out of this BioSand water filter in no time flat!

I would suggest you boil the water after filtering it to insure that bacteria is fully removed.

This idea came about from thoughts I have had about connecting  my garden’s water run off to a system for re-filtering and using that water again somehow. In the garden area I would use the water again for the plants. I would have a separate BioSand water filter system for use with drinking water only! It’s important to have as many self-contained resources as possible. We need fresh water to survive. No playing around with that. Without water the human body suffers in many uncomfortable ways. Adding this project to my preparedness skills list of things to learn is fun! I am fascinated by the BioSand filter’s simple construction.

Instructions and video may be found here @ Survival-Recovery.com

Have you ever made a BioSand Water Filter?

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