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Storm Encyclopedia – Weather Terms – The Weather Channel


weather (Photo credit: born1945)

With the weather being all out of whack in winter and the various extremes many of us have to face in order to get through it would help to know what climate changes we are facing.

There are certain terms that we must understand in order to NOT be caught off guard by changing weather patterns.

Knowing these terms ahead of time and plan accordingly is always good emergency management. Planning ahead turns a disaster into a plan of action.

Having an emergency radio on hand for events the power has gone out is good practice. Keep it where you can find it easily. You never know when it is going to come in handy. Make sure you replace the batteries in it from time to time so that you don’t have to fumble around when you need that radio the most!

Some of the terms we may hear on the emergency weather broadcasts may be found in the The Weather Channel’s Encyclopedia of Weather Terms. It is a great read. – Storm Encyclopedia – Weather Terms – The Weather Channel.


CB Radio Equipment

 CB Radio – Emergency Communications Equipment

Learn how to install one of these key Communications Devices

In the 70’s CB’s were made popular in the move Smokey and The Bandit starring Burt Reynold’s and many other A list stars from the era.

CB Radio – Basic Vehicle Set Up. Radio and Mic. Image: M Burgess

The Citizen’s Band Radio (CB) is the back bone of most transportation businesses from trucking companies to the limousine company I work for. In an emergency we are able to relay messages back and forth to our dispatcher. In getting our job done we likewise relay information. Using the 10 codes is a familiar part of my day.
I am going to 10-7 for lunch a bit… read on about this great device!
 CB Radios And Emergency Communication (Installation Video!)
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