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Cover of "Soylent Green"

Cover of Soylent Green

Where I learned about a Bike Generator?

I remember the movie Soylent Green and the bike generator system they had set up to power the lights that were dimming in the scene from the movie. (Am I showing my age???) “The Book” jumps on it and peddles for a bit and the lights came back up bright.

The simple bike generator system wasn’t shown up close but there are ways to build one of these handy gems yourself if you have enough smarts to create it.

On the site I found just the diagram I needed to explore this subject further. These energy creating machines can be attached to any device such as a Wheat Grinder or a bank of marine batteries to hold electricity for your home in the event of an emergency. I am going to show this to my techie family and get one built soon!


Video Showing A Bicycle Generator:



For more information on bicycle generators ad the technical details of building one of these handy gadgets preview the article here:

(Bicycle Generator)


You can charge lead acid deep cycle or car batteries using a pedal power bicycle generator OR solar power or  wind power.   One type of configuration is to use a permanent magnet DC motor style pedal power bicycle generator through a charge controller as shown in the diagram HERE.

You can tell if a battery is fully charged if you measure its voltage when it is not hooked up to anything.  It should read around 12.8 volts DC.    This is also known as its “state of charge”  which would be 100% if the battery is full.

Technical information for you geniuses! –> 

(You may be wondering how many DC Amps a lead acid car battery or deep cycle marine battery may draw at different charge voltage levels when you hook it up to a pedal power bicycle generator.  Graphs 1, 2, & 3 below show you some typical Amp and Watt values assuming you were to hook up your pedal power bicycle generator to a…) [more technical stuff]  

Assemble one yourself :

Free plans & instructions for DIY BYO  pedal power bike generator

This would be a great alternative to a fuel generator in the event you may have to shelter at home OR your fuel supply diminishes! It would also be a great way to get some needed excersize which we all could use, eh?

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