Children – Ready Skills

Children Need To Be Taught Readiness Skills

In the event of a disaster in your area such as a flood, fire, or a severe storm are your children prepared? Are you? Casual conversations to these youngsters can help them prepare without scaring the wits out of them.

Do not panic your kids.

Children and Preparedness

Talk to them about maybe a bumpy ride is coming up or a loud set of noises that may scare them but they need to be brave.Of course this works with the babies but what about your 10 year-old. Telling the younger set that a storm is a monster or the wind and rain is a boogey man isn’t going to help them be calm when you need them to be.

And they will ask about said monster or boogey man.

Train them now in terms that will not disturb them mentally.

Play the camping game. When we were growing up we used to set up a camp in our backyard in the summer time. Pulling a blanket over our swing set or even setting up a real tent was part of the fun.

This can graduate into preparedness skills with out shattering the spirit of a youngster’s view of life.

Given information in the wrong fashion your children can suffer unneeded fright and emotional distress. Readiness is to prevent this kind of disturbance in them.

For more on this topic see: Children In Emergency

Children and Preparedness ~ Image: Allposters

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