Freezing Fruit For Storage

watermelon fruit ice

Watermelon puree in plastic containers can keep in freezer for several months. Use it for drink mixes or slushies, or eat it like a popsicle.

Fruit can be frozen and kept for later.

This is a fun part of food storage and it can keep for a while as long as the electricity stays on. If the power goes out you may have a pile of fruit and fruit mash on your hands, but there are a few ways you can use it up if that happens so be prepared with the recipes, too! This is a great way to guarantee Vitamin C in your storage.

Fruit is often overlooked in the beginning of food storage planning. As your interests broaden you can try canning and preserving fruit as jams, jellies, and in halves sealed in bottles.

This past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with freezer preps.

For frozen watermelon ice I cut sweet melon into chunks and then puree it in a blender. You can use this for just about any fruit. If you are going to use it soon you won’t have to add anything to it. I did this with cantaloupe, too, but you have to cut it in very small pieces for the blender to process it. A food processor would be great for this!

directions for freezing watermelon.

Tips on freezing watermelon.

Watermelon Ice:

2 C watermelon

2/3 C water

Puree in blender. Pour into cups for freezing. When frozen remove and wrap in wax paper or set in sandwich sized baggies. Place several in a gallon sized freezer bag and store for about 3 to 6 months.




Drink mix ice (drop in fruit punch or koolaid for added fruity flavor!)

Fruit water – drop 2 of these into a 2 Quart container and top with water.

You can use this method to prepare other fruits such as berries for freezing.


fruit (Photo credit: karen H. nickname.{ pooh})

Strawberries are another great freezer item. Our small family doesn’t use up a whole pint so they get topped and tossed frozen, too. I bought blueberries and black berries last week and then combined them with the strawberries.

Triple Berry Mash:

1 C Strawberries

1 C Blueberries

1/2 C Blackberries

2 T Lemon Juice

2 T fruit preserver

Puree in blender.

This can be melted back down for jam or even more yummy, use as a pancake topper! Love triple berry stuff! I could use it in pie filling and all kinds of goodies. When cooking with it you will have to use sugar. It is a bit tart!

To do a syrup you will need equal parts sugar to fruit mash and water or add to a simple syrup.

Simple Syrup:
1C water

1 C sugar.

Heat until sugar is melted then bring to a slow rolling boil. Remove and let cool.

For pancake berry syrup. Combine the berry mash (defrosted) and the simple syrup.

frozen fruit stored in bags and containers

Freezing fruit is an easy method for food storage.

I already could be accused of hoarding bananas.

I dunno. They start getting spots and I toss ’em in the freezer. Later I peel them and stuff 3 at a time in freezer bags.

Great in banana bread or smoothies, shakes.

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Drip Irrigation For Watering Your Garden

My attention is on my survival garden these days. The drip irrigation system project I set up has been working nicely though with the temperatures here in the Vegas Valley plants are still suffering. During growing season this system is a convenient watering method and the project was simple to assemble. No major tools or equipment. A few helpful tips and instructions and it was done!

drip irrigation system for gardening

The reservoir must be deep enough for water to cover the vents when using a submersible pump as a water source for drip systems.

See the entire set up here at the following link:


Drip Irrigation Systems For Container Gardens

Drip Irrigation Systems For Container Gardens

armenian cucumber in bloom with drip system

Tube watering can place less stress on a plant such as this Armenian Cucumber vine.

My vegetable garden is facing summer and with it comes the fierce heat that often destroys most of these tender plants.


In my quest to prepare for this event and preserve as much of my hard work as possible I installed a simple drip irrigation system on my balcony.


You see I garden in containers. My watering chore starts in the kitchen of my tiny apartment. It is brought in from the sink and carried to the vegetable bearing plants on my patio.


A Place For Reflection
I garden for self-sufficiency and survival. I garden for peace and pleasure. It can be a place for meditation and reflection. The effect of this garden’s energies and her inhabitants are a much welcome distraction in a world that is hate riddled and filled with violence, ignorant nonsense.In this place I have my little, green plant friends sharing their gifts with me. The flowers are their smiles. The fruit of this labor is a nutritional addition to my diet and those of my family. These are my rewards. They are a welcome time out in my hectic schedule. The plants are arranged in an attractive fashion that is practical and decorative. It is labor of love project. Always changing. They do their growing thing while I observe. I want to keep them around as long as possible and enjoy their activity. I would rather watch my plants in action than most television programs these days.

Before the drip system was installed, the effect of water pouring from the bucket drove deep wells into each container. This leads to soil erosion and delicate roots being exposed  in some cases. I would eventually have to replace soils in each pot. With the drip system, this is reduced to a minimum and the water source is dribbled directly to the root systems. From here it can be collected by the plant and processed. The tubes and supplies are inexpensive and the assembly is not complicated. My project cost just under $60 for the lines and the pump. It took just under a 2 hours to set up.


The results? I now can carry those same buckets to a reservoir. From there the water is pumped to the sensitive root structures and I save on soil and watering time. 


I am still fine tuning this system. I was a bit sloppy in the set up. The drip tubes spray here and there where they are connected to the main line, but I just arrange a smaller pot to catch the over spray so the water is salvaged. In time I will have all of it directed where it needs to be. My next step on this will be the addition of a misting system…


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Side Tracked – Preparing Survival Garden

Miniature Container Garden 2013

The garden at 10 weeks is flourishing! It is a simple process just don’t forget to water and do not over water.

Over the last few weeks I have not been here because it is spring and time to garden.


I have set up my survival garden in containers once again on my small patio.


Though I have not recently written here on this blog it does not mean I am not writing. I am simply side-tracked on another venue.


The issues I am facing in my garden at this time are the watering routines and watching out for pests. All in all it is a nice adventure and I would love to share some of my activity with you.


It is important that you grow your own foods.


In the turbulent attitude in our world, there is change on the horizon. This means higher food prices and the possibilities of certain food contamination. Growing your own vegetables and fruits allows you to control the amount of chemicals that soaked up by these plants and ingested eventually by you. Most of the produce  in a regular market were picked green and then gassed and sent to the store. This leaves them with very little taste and ingredients that are not good for you.

Home Grown Foods Taste BetterCherry Tomatoes

They certainly taste better out of a home garden. Plus, being outside in the fresh air and enjoying the energies of not only the sun and plants alike is a good activity. It helps remove us from unimportant, stressful nonsense and realigns our priorities. The activity is good for our circulation and certainly the foods we will be gathering is healthier for not the way we grow them but because of the efforts we put into the garden.  Just like making chicken soup, we are adding love to the product.

Experiment In Your Garden

I am experimenting with various plants for long term production. Among them are a couple of citrus trees and two types of berries. I added a grape vine as well, but am not sure how this is going to work out because I will have to restrict it’s growth for the time being. If I can and will get them to cooperate i will have a source for important vitamins with these treasures. At the end of the season while it is still a bit warm I will perform a technique on them that will help them be comfortable in the smaller growing area. It is a delicate procedure which involves trimming back the roots and pruning carefully. Bonsai can be applied to any number of plants. By retarding their growth, the various plants I grow will fit neatly into the tiny area I have available. The other benefit is that they will be easily transported in the event I want to leave my home. I can take them with me.

For additional information and tips on container gardening see the following links:

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Are you considering a garden or do you have one now? I would love to see what you are growing!

Basic Sanitation In Emergencies

If the power or water is shut off in an emergency we have our 72 hour kits and emergency supplies all ready to go, right?


What about sanitation?


Are you planning your emergency bathroom situation while you are putting together  your preparedness plans?


All that food and water will need somewhere to exit. Let’s make sure all that planning doesn’t go down the toilet so to speak if you have left out this vital emergency strategy. Waste disposal systems and supply items should be in your list of equipment.


Toilet with flush water tank

Toilet with flush water tank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For The Shelter At Home Toilet

An in house toilet will need water so it can flush solid materials so stock extra gallons specifically for this task. This water need not be sterilized. Water right out of the tap previously set aside for use in the toilet area is fine. I would recommend you mark these jugs for toilet use ONLY on the container. I have saved sports drink bottles for just this purpose. They are stacked in a closet near my bath area.


For A Bug Out Toilet

Shovel types

Shovel types (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are in a bug out situation you may fashion a similar toilet area somewhere outside your living arrangement area.

The supplies for this are fairly simple. You need a shovel to dig a hole deep enough to hold waste. Make sure you have lime for the deposits that are left behind and a privacy screen so that you can do your duty without everyone in your camp seeing you at work.



Chemical Toilets

The items for a  chemical toilet should also be on your list of emergency goods. It is a 5 gallon bucket and a trash bag with some bleach. This is a great way to have ready-made toilet in emergencies. A gallon of water with 2 cups of bleach I believe is a standard mix. I would recommend setting aside about 2 gallons of bleach, one box or more of heavy-duty trash bags, and at least 10 gallons or more water for this sanitizing method. If you live in an area that is prone to major natural disasters, the more supply you have — the better!

There are ready-made kits available and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a couple of different options.

I realize you can’t carry all of this stuff with you but here is a bit of advice. Make sure you have several packs ready to go that contain ONLY sanitation systems and in specific bags. Put a pack together that is just for a latrine. Create another that is just chemical toilet. In the event you do have to bug out you don’t have to dig through your gear to set this up quickly. You will need to set up this area immediately when you can get settled.

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(More soon! I’m on a crappy schedule at the moment and that’s what inspired this little post! — Thanks for the visit!)

2013 Garden In Containers

container garden

Section 4 of my container garden 2013 – Image: M Burgess

My 2013 survival container garden is in as of last week.

Well, its more of a hobby garden but once it gets going it gives me some great veggies!

It’s been some considerable time since I have posted and for that I apologize. I have been side tracked on other projects.

Speaking of sidetracked, my container garden was planted in just that manner…

vegetable plants, gardening

New Plants For Garden 2013

I really had other plans but sometimes you gotta do what comes to mind and this was an excellent idea!

Coming home last Wednesday I remembered I wanted new Green Pepper plants and shot into the plant nursery parking lot. Little did I know I would be refurbishing my entire stash! My former plants were subjected to winter’s blast and did not make it through this season’s cold spell.

I love my little oasis in the desert. You see, I live in a brutal climate known as Southern Nevada. You tell me YOU can’t garden? Can you carry a bucket of water to a  porch? That’s how I do it! The majority of the work is setting the pots up with the soil and the planting. From there it is a cake walk. I find it a very comforting activity watching them grow tasty things. It is a good spot to rest in and just enjoy them.

For a beginning prepper, a garden is something that may be over looked. It is an important piece of your shelter at home planning. Plan and tend it well and it will be there when you need it. I plant tomatoes, peppers, and other goods that can grow small scale. I have two Guinea Pigs and myself so this small garden is adequate for our needs.

lemon tree blossom

Lemon Tree Blossoms 2013
Image: M Burgess

I have a citrus [lemon] tree in a large pot just because I want to see if it flourishes. And it has. It is now over 2 years old and budding like crazy! God willing the wind will not knock the tiny lemons off from it and I will have them on hand. To me it is a Vitamin C plant. That’s why I chose it.

What do I need for sure to cook with that is fresh and cannot be bottled, preserved, pickled, or dried? Those are the thoughts behind the plantings I do.

What inspires your garden?

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Season’s Greeting’s!

Celtic Woman Sing Oh Holy Night was in a link on my Facebook feed earlier tonight and I felt moved to share it with you here.

The Celtic Woman group is a very talented group of young ladies and this piece of music is one of my favorites.

In the coming year I hope to expand on how music can help us in preparedness.

I thought this would be a wonderful way to share the Holiday Spirit with followers here and anyone who drops by Survival Recovery.

I hope this night finds you healthy, warm, and safe! We should remember those that are not so in our prayers and meditations!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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