Side Tracked – Preparing Survival Garden

Miniature Container Garden 2013

The garden at 10 weeks is flourishing! It is a simple process just don’t forget to water and do not over water.

Over the last few weeks I have not been here because it is spring and time to garden.


I have set up my survival garden in containers once again on my small patio.


Though I have not recently written here on this blog it does not mean I am not writing. I am simply side-tracked on another venue.


The issues I am facing in my garden at this time are the watering routines and watching out for pests. All in all it is a nice adventure and I would love to share some of my activity with you.


It is important that you grow your own foods.


In the turbulent attitude in our world, there is change on the horizon. This means higher food prices and the possibilities of certain food contamination. Growing your own vegetables and fruits allows you to control the amount of chemicals that soaked up by these plants and ingested eventually by you. Most of the produce  in a regular market were picked green and then gassed and sent to the store. This leaves them with very little taste and ingredients that are not good for you.

Home Grown Foods Taste BetterCherry Tomatoes

They certainly taste better out of a home garden. Plus, being outside in the fresh air and enjoying the energies of not only the sun and plants alike is a good activity. It helps remove us from unimportant, stressful nonsense and realigns our priorities. The activity is good for our circulation and certainly the foods we will be gathering is healthier for not the way we grow them but because of the efforts we put into the garden.  Just like making chicken soup, we are adding love to the product.

Experiment In Your Garden

I am experimenting with various plants for long term production. Among them are a couple of citrus trees and two types of berries. I added a grape vine as well, but am not sure how this is going to work out because I will have to restrict it’s growth for the time being. If I can and will get them to cooperate i will have a source for important vitamins with these treasures. At the end of the season while it is still a bit warm I will perform a technique on them that will help them be comfortable in the smaller growing area. It is a delicate procedure which involves trimming back the roots and pruning carefully. Bonsai can be applied to any number of plants. By retarding their growth, the various plants I grow will fit neatly into the tiny area I have available. The other benefit is that they will be easily transported in the event I want to leave my home. I can take them with me.

For additional information and tips on container gardening see the following links:

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Creating  A Miniature Garden

Are you considering a garden or do you have one now? I would love to see what you are growing!

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