Food Storage A Biblical Reference

One of the earliest references to Food Storage was in the book Of Genesis.


English: Joseph and His Brethren Welcomed by P...

The story of Joseph interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream of cows and corn leads to the establishment of a grain storage system in Egypt.

By following suggestions from Joseph to their leader the people in Egypt are able to weather a 7 year drought and famine.


This reference may be found in The Bible’s Old Testament in the book of Genesis 41:15


In the story people endure through wise planning. The events of this tale are not new. They are part of the times we live in as well. We see drought, famine, hunger, and the like daily. Through properly supplying necessary grains the impact of this calamity is softened on these citizens and hunger is eased through this planning. They are also at a position to charge a high price for it!


Dramatized for your amusement!



This is one of the earliest examples of food storage. It runs along the lines of “God Helps Those That Help Themselves!” another piece of wise information. But did you know that this phrase is actually a quote by Ben Franklin? In my studies I have often thought of this phrase and naturally thought it was a Bible reference. I was very surprised when I searched in scripture references for it! I then turned to Wikipedia to look up where it came from. The details are not important but the effect of the statement are.


If we are to truly help ourselves in planning for emergency and good food storage I have no doubt our God will help us make it through whatever crisis we may face. This is not meant as a preaching post but a simple reminder that accepting good advice is a great excersize in helping our lives be easier and better off in the long haul than ignoring suggestions and paying dearly for not heeding helpful, kind words.

Just a thought! =)

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