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Survival: the struggle to remain alive and living. (1)

Recovery: restoration or return to any former and better state or condition. (2)


Survival statistics are low among individuals who haven’t either taken the time to learn good skills or do not have the ability to think out these possibilities on their own. Perhaps they have not been taught these skills. They in turn become victims of their own fates. Survivors that do have these strong character traits, education, and experience have faced and overcome incredible difficulties in their lifetime because they have had the right guidance, tutoring, and mind-set. In their recovery they put their lives back together and have at their disposal good coping techniques and practical solutions to return to a healthier state of mind and activity after a period of time.


Survival Recovery is a connected term for preparing, training, and the healing process after crisis.


Preparedness keys are presented for prevention of victim status in the event of an unknown situation or crisis. Calling on the use of survival training and emergency planning, food storage gathering and it’s related topics prepared individuals are able to weather uncertainties boldly and endure the challenges with in these crisis.

The perspective of  Survival Recovery is focused on terminology and topics chosen for the young or inexperienced seekers of information for the area of preparedness and emergency survival planning addressing how to prepare to rebuild materially and reconstruct internally.

Grasping concepts and developing pre-planned thoughts and actions to face the many possibilities one might encounter in disaster or crisis situations readies a person capable of returning to a life that is somewhat normal and by not allowing such damage to change their identity or their desires for living go on to lead productive, happier lives.


*sources:(1) Wikipedia – survival;

(2) http://dictionary.reference.com


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